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Only SYNSYS provides triple flexion with 125° knee flexion and 42° ankle ROM to move freely like never imagined.


92% greater flat-foot time for greater stability and 2X more toe clearance for greater safety†


Greater confidence with more shoe options, longer battery life, and ease while walking


Only SYNSYS microprocessor full-leg system offers triple flexion movements, unlocking entirely new experiences.

More motion. Less difficulty walking on uneven terrain and up and down slopes. These are important needs PROTEOR identified in survey of the amputee community.* Your input inspired us to create SYNSYS, a microprocessor full-leg system that offers an entirely new angle on performance for low to moderate K3 activity levels. From this angle, the future is inspiring. 


Full foot flat on the step to intuitively walk downstairs without fear of falling 

Maximum flexion to squat and bend down

SYNSYS is the only full-leg system to offer hip-knee-ankle triple flexion, unlocking new experiences with the greatest knee flexion and bend down with ease.

Removes the fear of stumbling with greater toe clearance and the unique stumble recovery assistance

*PROTEOR survey of 330 amputees, T1 2021.

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